Useful Apps During the Hurricane

Although I coincidentally managed to be out of town during Hurricane Matthew, I asked my friends and colleagues which apps they found to be most useful and reviewed them this week on The Chat. Watch the segment and find my list below so you're even more prepared in the future.

The Weather Channel
This app, along with your preferred local news app for live streaming and up-to-date radar information.


JSO kept readers aware of up-to-date info on this social media app.

Facebook Safety Check

This is a great way to let others know you're safe.


Explains how to prepare ahead of the storm and allows users to submit photos of damage afterward.


You can listen to the local radio here, which provided great coverage during the storm.

Hotel Tonight

If you needed to evacuate during the storm, this app was helpful in finding availability of last minute rooms in a specific area. 


Discover which nearby restaurants will deliver and if they were open after Matthew made it's way through the area.

FSCJ Safe App

This app has so many useful features, including Emergency Contacts, Friend Walk, Virtual Walkhome, Campus Maps and Alerts. 


The app provides public and private communications that work without Internet access or cellular data,  which is perfect during natural disasters, massive events, historical elections, or even large festivals.

Most Recommended by those asked:

From Emergency Preparedness Division and Information Technologies Division of the City of Jax, this app assists users in monitoring weather threats and plan for evacuation in their specific location. It also provides access to current threat levels, weather reports, and wildfire updates. 

macOS Sierra

Last week, Apple release a new operating system for your computers called macOS Sierra. There are some really helpful new features that you should be aware of as you update your hardware, and here are the basics.

Siri is now in your menu bar and Dock

Now Siri can assist you in locating recent files or adding a new event to your calendar.

Now Siri can assist you in locating recent files or adding a new event to your calendar.

Universal Clipboard

This one is helpful if you have a tendency to work on multiple devices and often use them interchangeably.

Auto Unlock

This may not affect everyone, but for those who have the Apple Watch, it's a very nice option.

Photos have been organized

You can now view your photos by event, location, or search who or what was in the photos.

iCloud Drive

You can now share the content from your Desktop and Documents folder across each of your Mac devices. You can select what items you'd like to make available within iCloud Drive by going to System Preferences, iCloud then Options. Click here for more assistance with iCloud Drive

Optimized Storage

Your Mac can help reduce some of the unwanted files and delete files left in the Trash for 30 days. Click here to learn more about Optimized Storage.

Picture in Picture

This feature is great when you're viewing a webinar and taking notes or multitasking. 

Download Microsoft Office for FREE!

Did you know that all students, faculty and staff have the option to download Office 365 for free on up to 5 computers? That includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and many others. Here's a quick tutorial that shows you exactly how! If you have any issues, please contact our Service Desk at

Here's a link to the written tutorial as well.

Discovering the Knowledge Base

Have you searched for an answer in the Knowledge Base?

One of the missions of Academic Technology is to ensure everyone at the College has access to assistance when they have a question related to technology. We've developed the Service Desk, which is the go to place for assistance. Visit to submit a ticket for help, call or chat with a service desk representative, or search a topic within the Knowledge Base. 

The Knowledge Base is always evolving and new articles are constantly being added. We've attached links to video tutorials, created written step-by-step instructions, and everything is searchable by topic or category. If you don't see an answer to a question you have, simply email us at, and we'll be happy to create a solution that can be added for others who may have the same concern. 

Town Hall & Training Days

Here's a quick peek inside the world of Information Technology Services this week! Yesterday, we had our second Town Hall style meeting with CIO, Christy Campbell. After an overview and a few updates, each director was given the opportunity to speak to the department and nominate an employee who has been doing an outstanding job.

Today, the Client Services team is participating in Customer Service training with a very knowledgable, experienced trainer. Their role of serving the faculty, staff, and students who call or chat about any issues is extremely important and we want them to have the best tools available at their disposal.

Building a Rube-Goldberg poster presentation with the Ed Tech team

The Educational Technology team just spent time at the New Media Consortium presenting an Idea Lab Poster session. Here are some shots of the process of building the Rube-Goldberg inspired poster. 

First phase, brainstorming.

First phase, brainstorming.

Trying it out before final edits and packing it up for the flight to NY.

Trying it out before final edits and packing it up for the flight to NY.

Life size sketch-up. 

Life size sketch-up. 

And we're up! Show time!

And we're up! Show time!

In Focus LIVE - Behind the Scenes...

There's a lot more that goes into a live show than you'd probably expect.  That includes a whole team that works hard to make Marc and Brandi look so good!  In addition to a lot of pre-planning, the "day of" studio crew includes camera and teleprompter operators, a producer, engineer and the show's technical director who calls the shots.  Once the show's done, an editor cleans up the recorded copy and adds captions to make sure the information is accessible to all of our faculty and staff.  We're planning more LIVE In Focus shows this summer, so if you've got suggestions or ideas for topics you'd like us to cover, please let us know at