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Blackboard Course Shell Availability

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Blackboard Course Shells - Now Available for Fall!

We are happy to communicate that Fall course shells have now been successfully loaded in Blackboard and have been associated with their instructors. Professors should be able to access them now by logging in to Blackboard via Artemis. 

Be aware that students will not yet be populated within courses, and thus will not have access to them, even if the instructor makes the course shell available. Further communication regarding the loading of students into courses is forthcoming. 

FSCJ Online Courses

Those that use a course master may not yet have the associated content loaded into the shell. This work is in progress and should be completed next week. 

Online Syllabus Builder

The link to the Online Syllabus Builder is now visible within under the newly designed Faculty tab, however, the application is not currently functional. Our developers are addressing the issue, and we will communicate further once it has been resolved.

Issues, Questions, or Concerns?

If for any reason you have issues with access to Blackboard or are unable to view a course that you have been assigned for the Fall, please contact


My course and lab appear as two separate shells.

We have found that this is occurring in classes that have both a lecture and a lab component; separate Blackboard shells with separate reference numbers have been created for both of the course components. This is happening because the courses themselves are set up this way in PeopleSoft, and when the data is sent over to Blackboard it mimics this set up. At this time, we are researching the implications of how changes to this may affect grade input, student interaction, and other concerns. We will follow up with additional communications as we know more.  

Will the class roster populate at a later time?

Yes. The creation of course shells and instructor association was the first step of the integration of PeopleSoft with Blackboard. After receiving feedback from professors, we prioritized the creation of course shells so that content could be built in advance of the Fall Semester. The addition of students to Blackboard requires a change to student user IDs that cannot be performed until the Summer Semester's end, so as not to disrupt ongoing classes. We’ll be sending more information out about the progress soon.