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Online Syllabus Builder: Testing Required

EdTechBrandi Bleak

my.fscj Integration

As most employees are aware, we are in the middle of a transition from the Artemis and Connections portals to our unified portal, The move requires a new data workflow, integration of multiple systems, and updates to current tools. Our development team has been working diligently to prepare one specific piece of the puzzle, the Online Syllabus Builder.  

The updated version of the Syllabus Builder will be located within once the transition is complete. We are now in the last stages of beta testing and need faculty to assist in the process because they are most familiar with the tool. We would like users to focus on reporting any incorrect data that may be populating, features that are not functioning correctly, and areas still in need of adjustments. 

Once testing has been completed and the final data has been transitioned into the new portal, Educational Technology will communicate the availability of and instructions for accessing the updated version of the Syllabus Builder. Please be aware that already developed syllabi from the old Online Syllabus Builder will be able to be transferred to the new Syllabus Builder Platform, however, Syllabi that are built in the testing environment will NOT transfer to the new system. 

Request for Testing

Please use the buttons below to access the Syllabus Builder testing environment. There is an access point for both faculty/adjuncts and for deans; both cases still need extensive user testing. Users can log in with their current College username and password. (The impersonate user option is only available to development team.)

Users must be on campus, using the College's internet network to access the links. Because the site is in development, you may be presented with a warning regarding the site's security certificate. Please continue to test the site with confidence by acknowledging the security warning and moving past it. 

Report an Issue

If you spot any issues, please use the Report Issue button within the testing environment to notify the development team directly. Be as descriptive as possible to assist the team with addressing the concern. Although there is a list of issues currently being worked on, don't hesitate to submit any concerns you may have. As we get closer to the date of release, we will update this blog post with known issues and what users can expect. 

Requested Features or Reports on Issues with Resolution Status

Although this is by no means a full list of requests or issues reported, we thought users may want to be aware of some of the most recent improvements made to the online syllabus builder system. As new items are finalized, this page will be updated.

Request / Issue:

Can office hours be added globally, or at least to multiple syllabus instead of needing to be input for each course taught? Also, could students have a way to search for an instructor's hours instead of hosting only within the online syllabus?

Resolution Status:

New feature: option to copy office hours between syllabus

In the updated version of the syllabus builder, the option to copy office hours to another syllabus will be available. 

The functionality to create global office hours has not been added at this time, but the team will be surveying users to ensure this option would be most beneficial and addressing a solution in the near future.

The site search is a great idea that will also be added to the queue to be worked on this Fall.

Request / Issue:

Can required text books pull from an instructor's book adoption request rather than the bookstore's order?

Resolution Status:

The book request needs to be handled through the Follett process, so no change will be made.

Request / Issue:

The experience of viewing a syllabus on mobile needs improving. Is that possible?

Resolution Status:

This has been addressed and will be finalized soon for a better viewing experience on mobile.

Request / Issue:

There's an issue when displaying different syllabi in same browser session. This workflow is necessary for reviewing multiple syllabi at one time. Can this be addressed? 

Resolution Status:

This has been corrected and should no longer be an issue. 

Request / Issue:

Deans have numerous courses, which at times makes it difficult to find a specific course or session. How can this be improved? 

Resolution Status:

Deans View now has the ability to filter by sessions.