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Laura Bearl

Video Without A Camera

DMPRobin Herriff

Sometimes vital source material isn't available for a project. Sometimes schedules and weather won't permit a successful shoot. What do you do? Throw in the towel and scrap the project? Never! Just call your friendly, neighborhood illustrator.  Graphic designer/videographer/editor Laura Bearl is working on the first of what will be an entire series of workforce videos for the College's ESOL program that she's drawing and animating entirely by hand. 

Project Achieve/VERTICAL shoots

On LocationRobin Herriff

Out and about at Downtown Campus and the ATC talking to students, instructors and staff about the Project Achieve and VERTICAL programs.  When complete, these videos will be used as part of an online module for other institutions looking to replicate our programs. ProjAchieve


Formatting Microsoft Word for APA Style

VideosLaura Bearl

[youtube] This video was created at the request of an FSCJ English professor.  It will also be featured on the Library and Learning Commons' websites, so that all students will be able to access this important research paper writing skill at any time.  It is the second in a series of similar videos that will showcase all of the various formatting styles.


South Campus LLC

VideosLaura Bearl

[youtube] Denise Norris takes us on a tour of the South Campus Library Learning Commons and explains some of the resources available to FSCJ students.


Student Life Skills

VideosMark Hubbard

[youtube] We created this video for the 2015 FSCJ Student Life Skills Conference.  It was designed as a setup to a panel discussion featuring successful FSCJ  students telling their personal stories and offering guidance to high school students about how to succeed in college.