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Third-Party Integrations: Will I have the Same Tools?

  Apps currently installed on the Canvas Sandbox

Apps currently installed on the Canvas Sandbox







As resources for a successful evaluation and potential are provide from LMS representatives, FSCJ faculty, and other schools who have experience, we will list them here.

Import a Blackboard Course into the Canvas Sandbox

First, you will need a .zip file of the course you would like to export. For instructions on that process, follow this Knowledge Base article

1. Everyone who has received an invite to the Canvas sandbox should have a course named by their "last name". Once the course is opened, you should see the following screen:

Step 1.png

2. Click on  Add Existing Content

3. Click on drop down menu to choose Blackboard export, then choose your Bb export file

Step 2.png

4. Click on Choose All Content and then import

Step 3.png

5. Stay on page until import is complete. (If there are any issues with the size of the course importing, please email and the quota can be adjusted to allow the import. 


Additionally, here is the Canvas Guide for the Course Import Tool.