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On February 16, 2018, the Faculty of FSCJ voted to change the institution-wide Learning Management System from Blackboard to Canvas, in order to align our Educational Technology Systems with those that are used by Florida's State University System.

Our Canvas transition will be accomplished incrementally, driven by a steering committee made up of faculty and staff stakeholders, and managed by Information Technology Services. A timeline for the work can be found below, along with information about what is happening with the project right now.

This website will serve as the primary method for communication about the transition and offers faculty, staff, and students an opportunity to learn more about the process while also providing a opportunity for everyone to express their concerns and ideas. 

Live-Streamed Canvas Demo Day: Friday February 16, 2018!

The Academic Technology Department is hosting a live-streamed demonstration of the Canvas Learning Management System on Friday, February 16 from 9:30 to 11:30am. This demonstration is intended to help faculty and staff familiarize themselves with Canvas so that they can be well-informed when making a decision about the direction of our academic systems.

The demonstration will be facilitated by Dee Bohne, Canvas Senior Enterprise Director; Brian Yuhunke, Canvas Solutions Engineer; and Steve Brunner, Canvas Senior Director and Solutions Engineer. The live and remote audience will have an opportunity to ask questions about the use of Canvas and its features.

To watch the live stream, visit This site also allows users to chat while they watch the broadcast, and questions will be answered by a Canvas Solutions engineer in real time. Viewers can also submit questions in advance by emailing, tweeting @fscjit, or using the form below. We look forward to "seeing" you LIVE on February 16! 

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Canvas Transition Timeline

This timeline will be updated with more details and information about current progress as we move through the stages of the transition process. 


November 2017: Sandbox access available to all

February 2018: Canvas Q&A Workshops

March 2018: LMS final decision determined 

Summer 2018: Initial Technical Implementation of Canvas LMS (no impact on Faculty, Staff, or Students)

Fall 2018: Faculty and Staff Canvas Training, begin Content Migration from Blackboard

Spring 2019: Begin Publicizing move to Canvas, Student Canvas Training

Summer 2019: All online courses offered on the Canvas LMS, Blackboard available for incomplete and final clean-up

Spring 2020: Blackboard contract ends, service and content no longer available