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Arc Features

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Welcome to Arc! We hope you’re enjoying the new system. Here are details on some of the most popular Arc features.

Finding your videos:

To access your videos, log into Canvas, then click on the Arc logo in the Global Navigation.


Next, click on the “hamburger” menu in the top left-hand corner, and you’ll find your migrated videos in a separate category at the bottom of the page, labeled with either your friendly name or EMPLID and Kaltura_Archive.


Using automated captions:

 Start by opening the video you want to caption. To add new captions, click the Captions tab.


To automatically generate captions for your media, choose the spoken language [1] and click the Request button [2].


After your caption file has been queued and processed (a pretty quick process unless the video is quite long), your generated caption file will appear in the Manage Captions section.


To view more options for the caption file, click the Options icon [1]. To review and publish the captions, click the Edit link [2]. When you are editing the auto-generated caption file, the media file will automatically pause until you click the next timestamp.

You can also download [3], replace [4], or delete [5] any caption file.


Review the generated caption file and click the Publish button. Any additional changes made to the caption file after it is published will be saved automatically.


 Sharing videos:

You can share a video or audio file with any user in FSCJ's account and allow them view or edit rights. Users can view shared media in the Shared with Me drop-down link in the top left corner of the page. You can change or remove sharing permissions for media at any time.

If you allow a user to view a video or audio file, the user can view the media, have access to the sharing settings embed code and public link, share the media with others, remove themselves from having access to view the media, the details, and comments.

If you allow a user to edit a video or audio file, the user has all permissions allowed as if that user had originally uploaded the media file, including deleting the media, editing details and options, and viewing analytic insights. Think carefully before you give someone else this right.

On the My Uploads page, locate the media, click the Options icon [2], and then click the Share Media link [2]


Click the People tab.


In the Name or Email field [1], enter the name or email of a user in your institution's account. When the user appears, click the user's name [2].

If you want to share the video or audio file with another user, you can repeat this process and select as many users as necessary.


By default, a user can leave comments on your media. However, you can change this permission if necessary.

To change the permission for a user, click the user's permission drop-down menu. Again, we recommend sharing using Can View.

Creating Public Links & Embed Codes

As a media owner, you can create a public link and an embed code to be used for showing media in public websites. You can also disable the public link and embed code in order to remove access to the media file.

On the My Uploads page, locate the media, click the Options icon [2] and then click the Share Media link [2].


To create public links, click the Create Public Link button.


To share a public link, copy the public link in the Public Link field.


To use an embed code, copy the embed code in the Embed Code field.


Video Quizzing

Check out the video below about how to set up your video quizzes.

You can learn even more about Arc features by taking an Arc class through Training & Professional Development either in person or online. Either way, you’ll be enrolled in the online class and it will remain in your Canvas dashboard as a reference.



Canvas Chats: LTI Tools & Arc

DMP, EdTech, Faculty Content, LMSBrandi Bleak

Academic Technology is proud to continue the segment to provide monthly updates on the FSCJ transition to Canvas. On the last Friday of each month of the Spring Term, the Educational Technology team will discuss a different piece of the Canvas puzzle.

April’s chat focused on LTI, or third-party tools, within Canvas - with a special segment dedicated to Arc.

For more information about Video Quizzing within Arc, watch the following segment:

LIVE Canvas Chats: Video & Course Migration

EdTech, DMP, LMSBrandi Bleak

Academic Technology is proud to introduce a live segment to provide monthly updates on the FSCJ transition to Canvas. On the last Friday of each month, the Educational Technology team will discuss a different piece of the Canvas puzzle. Then we’ll give you, our faculty and staff, an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the transition.

February’s segment addressed all things migration - including the transition from Kaltura/MediaSpace to Canvas’s video system, Arc, and moving course content from Blackboard over to Canvas.

MediaSpace/Arc Video Migration News

Faculty Content, DMP, LMS, VideosBrandi Bleak

As the College moves from Blackboard to Canvas, we’ll also be moving all of our video from MediaSpace to Arc, which is Canvas’ video system. If you have created your own videos or had one created for you by the Digital Media Productions team, there are a few steps we need you to complete before the video migration occurs on March 1.

If you use videos that the Digital Media Productions (DMP) team made for you:

Please contact Robin Herriff ASAP with the names of those videos so that we can add them to your MediaSpace account. This ensures you’ll be able to access them in Arc after the video migration is complete. This is necessary for all videos created by our team, whether they are currently being used in Blackboard or not.

If you created your own videos:

Before February 28th, please take some time to go through your MediaSpace account and delete any videos you no longer need or use. (All HR interview videos that are less than three years old must be retained.)

If you have anything that you think could be historically valuable to the College but which may no longer be directly pertinent to you, please contact Jennifer Grey at before you delete the video so that we can see about transferring it to the College’s Archive. Examples of things which might be relevant to the Archive include videos highlighting the history of College’s programs or programming, interviews with faculty/staff/students about their time at FSCJ, or recordings of events hosted by the College. Please reach out to Jennifer directly with any questions, or if you think you may have something she should look over.

As of February 28th, you will no longer be able to add videos to MediaSpace. We will move all of the videos into the Arc system during the first few weeks of March.

From March 1st through summer session, you’ll still be able to use videos linked to MediaSpace, but these links will all need to be changed to Arc links before the fall terms begins. More on how to do that coming soon!

A Very Important Note about Captions

Captions will not be automatically migrated to the new system with the videos. If you used the REACH machine auto-captioning for your videos -- and have edited those captions – you’ll want to download those caption files to your own computer. You’ll then be able to easily add them back to the videos in Arc. (Here’s how to do it.) If you used REACH and did not edit your captions, no need to worry. You can just re-caption your videos in Arc, and it’s even easier and more accurate. If the DMP team created a captioned video for you, we’ll take care of adding those captions back after the migration is complete.

Keep an eye out for a training course called Canvas at FSCJ: Arc and Video Migration.

In addition, the Educational Technology Team will be hosting live Canvas Chats at 11:30 a.m. on the last Friday of every month this term, so you can email us any questions you may have to be answered live. This month we’ll be talking all things video and Arc.  

You can also email or directly with any questions about video, MediaSpace, and/or Arc.

LIVE Canvas Chats!

EdTech, DMP, Faculty Content, LMS, StudioBrandi Bleak

Academic Technology is proud to introduce a new live segment to provide monthly updates on the FSCJ transition to Canvas. On the last Friday of each month, the Educational Technology team will discuss a different piece of the Canvas puzzle. Then we’ll give you, our faculty and staff, an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the transition.

If you have questions about the transition to Canvas, email

Canvas Chats - Episode 1

This broadcast aired live Friday, January 25, 2019 at 11:30 a.m..

In Focus: The New WebEx

EdTech, DMP, In FocusBrandi Bleak

We have a new WebEx Collaboration platform here at FSCJ and it’s really quite impressive! The new modern look, ease of use, and additional features are a great addition to the IT services available. You can reach the new WebEx site by going to

This month on In Focus, the Educational Technology team takes an in-depth look at how to use the the new tool, whether you’re an experienced power user or just getting started. 

As a reminder, here’s the initial email IT sent out announcing the change. If you have any questions or need assistance with WebEx, please visit and submit a ticket, and we’ll will be happy to help!

Innovate to Educate: Professor Dana Logan

EdTech, Faculty Content, DMP, Innovate to Educate, Software, Studio, VideosBrandi Bleak

Innovate to Educate is a series created by Educational Technology and Digital Media Productions to share information about innovative technology being used by our amazing faculty at each of our campuses. In this episode, we speak to Professor Dana Logan about how she uses educational technology in her classroom to engage students.

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