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Two Communities - an abundance of great Canvas information and resources!

EdTech, Faculty Content, LMSBrandi Bleak

Do you feel connected to your Canvas Community? Are you an engaged citizen in Canvasland? Much as we love technology and believe in its power to make great learning experiences, the actual process of working in the LMS can sometimes be kind of isolating, especially if you are an adjunct or working from home—who do you reach out to in order share your challenges and celebrate your successes?

Using Announcements in Canvas

EdTech, Faculty Content, LMSRobyn Reese

For our Blackboard power users, the Canvas transition has produced some confusion around announcements because of the slightly different way that they are set up, migrated, and shared with students within our new LMS. Here are a few facets of Canvas Announcements that you should be aware of and, where possible, some ways that you can work around them.