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Change to Canvas Log-in Method!

LMS, NewsRobyn Reese

Throughout the Fall Semester, FSCJ’s Information Technology Department is slowly implementing a new single sign-on process, called OneLogin, for all of the online systems at the college. Before the implementation of OneLogin, when accessing college systems on the web, you were required to sign in multiple times when moving from myFSCJ, Canvas, and your college emails. Once the OneLogin single sign-on is fully set up though, you will simply need to sign in with your college credentials the first time that you access a college system and, so long as you are in the same browser session, you will be able to move from one application to another without the hassle of re-entering your username and password!

We will be implementing OneLogin as the sign-in method for Canvas on the morning of Sunday October 6. There will be no interruption of service during this time, and most users will not even notice much of a difference when attempting to access Canvas. You will still use your same college username and password to log in, but will first enter your username into a dialogue box, and then, a moment later, you will be prompted to enter your password into a second dialogue box, as shown below.


Generally, users can access Canvas for a long time without being timed out and needing to re-login. This will not change, however, if you are logged out of Canvas and attempt to log in to access it again, you will be directed to an application portal screen, on which you will see a series of tiles that reflect all of the applications that you can access. If you are directed to the application portal screen, as shown below, simply click on the tile for the application that you are trying to access and you will be directed to it.

application portal.png

If you experience any issues with the new OneLogin application portal, please fill out a ticket at so that the college’s IT staff can work together to resolve it.