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Your Canvas Dashboard May Be Reorganized

If you have accessed Canvas already, whether to create content or to learn the system, you will notice that the addition of these new course shells may rearrange some of the existing course cards on your Canvas Dashboard. Remember, you can customize which of your courses appear on your Dashboard so that you can focus only on those with which you are currently working. Please also note that the titles of your courses mirror the titles of the courses within Campus Solutions. This can be confusing if you teach multiple offerings of the same course.

Information about strategies to organize and customize your Canvas Dashboard can be found in this video:


You Can Begin Building Your Courses!

Whether you’re teaching in Summer or Fall, you can begin building your courses! Use your sandbox or empty Spring/Summer shells to begin preparing your upcoming courses. If you have already created a course within your sandbox, you can now copy that content into your live course shells. Here is some information about how to do this:


As was the case with Blackboard, Fall course shells will be created automatically 90 days prior to the course start date. This has been our process for course shell creation since Spring 2018.


Inactive Students May Be Visible in the People Tab in Canvas 

The term “inactive” refers to students who were enrolled in your class at one time, but who have been removed due to a drop of some kind. Whereas in Blackboard, inactive students disappeared entirely from the faculty view within the course, in Canvas you will see all students (active and inactive) in the People tab, with inactive students marked as such. Inactive students do not appear in any other portion of your Canvas course.


Each Component of a Combined Course Will Have a Shell 

Currently, combined courses (those that have a “C” at the end of their course number) have shells for each component in Blackboard. Upon faculty request, we investigated to see if this was something that we could change in Canvas, but because the different components of the combined courses have different class numbers, there wasn’t a logical way to differentiate between the combined and non-combined without creating unintended consequences.


There is an Abundance of Training Available

The Educational Technology Team will be hosting Canvas Days at the Deerwood Center on the evening of May 1 and during the day on May 2. These events will provide a plethora of training and one-on-one assistance to ensure that all of your Canvas needs are met. More information about this can be found on our blog:


A la carte trainings are also being offered throughout the terms on each Campus:

  • Canvas @ FSCJ - Get a foundational knowledge of our new LMS.

  • Canvas: Beyond the Basics - Available for those who have taken the Basics, and want more.

  • Canvas: Course Migration - Walk through the process of migrating content from Blackboard to Canvas.

  • Studio: the New MediaSpace - Learn more about Studio, the video storage system that replaces Kaltura MediaSpace.


You can enroll in training via the Student Center within myFSCJ. 


Ways to Obtain Help While Working in Canvas

While working in Canvas, you may need assistance. We’ve got you covered!

  • Canvas’ Global Navigation Bar contains a Help Link at the bottom of the page for assistance when working in the LMS.

  • Canvas provides comprehensive instructions for completing most functions within the LMS at

  • You can also report issues that are you are not able to resolve by creating a help ticket at

  • In-person assistance is also readily available! Each campus has a Faculty Development Specialist that is well-versed in all things Canvas!