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How Long will Blackboard be Accessible to Students and Faculty?

EdTech, Faculty Content, LMSBrandi Bleak

Now that we’re so very close to a full transition over to Canvas, many people have begun asking exactly how long faculty and the students will have access to Blackboard and how they should access it.

Blackboard Access for Students

The link to Blackboard was removed from the Student tab of myFSCJ on August 23, 2019.

If a student needs access to the Blackboard LMS for purposes of Incompletes, an appeal, or any other reason, Blackboard can be accessed through the end of of contract (May 2020) by following these directions:

  1. Visit

  2. Select the Student tab

  3. Under My Academics, click Student Center

  4. The link can then be found under FSCJ Quick Links

  5. Once in Blackboard, click on the Classes tab to view any classes that remain available.

Blackboard Access for Faculty

The link to Blackboard will remain on the Faculty and Employee tab through the Fall term and into the beginning of the Spring term. We have tentatively scheduled this link to be removed from these tabs on January 31, 2020.

During the Fall term, it is imperative that all faculty take the time to archive all of their past Blackboard course content. These zip files can be stored within the TB of space allocated to employees in One Drive and/or on a personal hard drive. Although these files cannot be opened without the Blackboard or Canvas LMS to display them, instructors can use Blackboard Course Sites to review the archived files if need be.

Instructions to archive Blackboard course content can be found here.

Beginning May 2020, FSCJ will no longer have access to Blackboard. The Educational Technology team will have archives of the past seven years of Blackboard content on local hard drives.

Screenshot 2019-08-26 10.26.16.png

Useful Links: Canvas

From the Student Tab, Canvas can be accessed under the Useful Links section.

Note: the link to Blackboard has been removed from this area..