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How to Integrate Publisher's Content into Canvas

EdTech, Faculty Content, LMSRobyn Reese

Third-party publisher content can be a great way to enrich your Canvas course and provide your students with any materials that they need for success without ever having to leave the LMS. Canvas will allow you to use all of the same publisher tools that you are used to in Blackboard, in many cases in a more streamlined and simpler way. 

How to Add Publisher's Content to Your Course

The first step towards integrating your publisher's content is enabling the publisher's tool (called an App in Canvas) within your course shell. 

To do this, navigate to the Settings tab at the bottom of the left-hand course navigation menu. Then, click the Navigation tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Where to access the Apps tab.png

At the top of the Navigation tab, you will see a list of the items that are currently visible in the course's side navigation. Below it is a list of items that are currently hidden. Move the Publisher's Content Tool that you would like to enable into the top area and click Save. This item will now appear in your course's side navigation area. 

Click on the newly-added link on the course navigation and the tool will then guide you through the process to pair your course with the materials that you have adopted, using a pairing code or key, as provided by the Publisher's sales representative. 

Identifying which Tool you need to Use

The chart below provides some basic information about the most commonly used materials series from each publisher. Clicking on the name of the publisher in the left-hand column will provide you with access to your publisher's Knowledge Base, where you can find more information about how to use your specific publisher's content with a Canvas Course. 

Commonly-Used Content from that Publisher

Publisher's Name

Mindtap, Aplia, WebAssign, Cengage Unlimited, OpenNow

MH Connect

 AcceleratED Pathways

My....Lab, Mastering...

VitalSource Bookshelf, Elsevier eBooks

Wiley-published textbook content


If you do not see a needed Publisher Content Tool in your Canvas course, please fill out a support ticket in the "Request a Service" area at