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MediaSpace and YouTube Workshop Notes

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Should I Use MediaSpace or Youtube?

Both platforms work great with Blackboard. Each service has their own strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at the list below to help choose the right service for your video project.

Kaltura Mediaspace - FSCJ's Enterprise Video Platform

Pros Internal Administration Privacy Easier Fair Use

Cons Less Intuitive Limited Tools (editing, captioning) Less Advance Features Not Easily Searchable Students can’t upload

Youtube - Video Sharing Website Owned by Google

Pros Easier to Use Advance Tools Extensive Documentation Easily Searchable Personally Administrated

Cons No College Administration Limited IT Support Copyright Restrictions

Always keep a copy of any video you upload!

What Are Some Copyright Guidelines?

In the classroom there is a lot of freedom with the fair use of copyrighted material. Using the same material online can be tricky. Here are two resources to help you decide how copyright restrictions may apply to what you post online.

Duke University Copyright Checklist

Baruch College Interactive Guide to Using Copyrighted Media in Your Courses

How Do I Add Captions to My Videos?

Both Kaltura Mediaspace and Youtube support subtitles and captioning.

Captioning is not only helpful to many students, it is required by law.

Why Captions and Subtitles are Important

Captioning Tools

A quick web search will reveal many tools to begin creating captioning files for your videos. Here are a few tools to get you started. The software listed below has not been fully tested and reviewed.

Cross Platform

Youtube Captioning Tool (free)

Aegisub  (free)

Jubler  (free)

SubsEdit (free)


Subs Factory (paid)

Sub Edit (paid)


SRTEd (free)

Subtitle Workshop (free)