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Respondus 4.0 License Key - Important Information

Faculty Content, EdTech, LMSBrandi Bleak

The following communication was sent out from our Respondus representative.

We want you to be aware of an issue affecting a smattering of instructors who are trying to renew their Respondus 4 license.

An update to Respondus 4 occurred over a year ago (version 4.0.8) that resulted in a change to the licensing system. If the instructor using Respondus 4 hasn’t updated their application since that time, the renewal for their license won’t work properly. (Fortunately, instructors have been prompted to update older versions of Respondus 4 at least once monthly, so most have done this.)

The above problem will occur at institutions that require instructors to enter their licensing password manually, as well as those using “Preconfigured Server Settings” to automatically update the license for instructors. (Login at and select “Respondus 4” for details on Preconfigured Server Settings.)

For instructors who haven’t updated their Respondus 4 application over the past year, the solution is to start the Respondus 4 application and select Help > Check for Update from the toolbar. Once the update is complete, the new licensing will work.

Important Note: After Aug 31, 2019, instructors who haven’t yet updated to Respondus 4.0.8 will need to reinstall the application. That’s because they will no longer be able to start Respondus 4 to use the Check for Update feature.  

If you have questions about any of the above, please open a support ticket at