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Restricting Files and Folders in Canvas

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Teachers can edit permissions for all items in the Files section of Canvas, including setting the state of the file (published or unpublished), restricting file access to students unless they have the link/image, or scheduling availability dates for the files.  This feature is relevant for all faculty that would like to keep their Files tab on the Course Menu available to students, while giving a specific permission to the different types of files based on their purpose or sensitivity.

How to Set Restrictions on Files

Remember, this isn’t relevant if you are currently hiding your Files tab from Students.

First, navigate to the Files section in your Course Menu.

After navigating to your files, you’ll notice that all files that have been uploaded are published by default. To change this options for a file or folder, click on that status icon (default green check). You will then see the options.

In top-down order you will see [1] published, [2] unpublished and schedule student availability and [3] unpublished.

In top-down order you will see [1] published, [2] unpublished and schedule student availability and [3] unpublished.

Published and Unpublished

This function operates as the rest of the published and unpublished content in Canvas. When the content is published, all students can see this content, view and download from the files area (if the Files navigation is not hidden). If the content is unpublished then the student can not see the file in the Files section (any links or images to the file in the course will not able to be accessible to the student).

Not Visible in Student Files

When the link restriction is set (only available to students with the link or image), the file can only be viewed if they are given the direct link to the file. However, this option only allows files to be hidden from students in Course Files. This functionality is not valid outside of the Files feature. For instance, if a file with a link restriction is added to a Module or Assignment, the file can always be viewed by students.

Schedule Student Availability

When the student availability date restriction is set, students cannot view the file in Course Files outside of the restriction dates. If the file is linked in another area of Canvas (such as Modules or Assignments), students will be able to see the name of the file, but if they click the file, they will see a message stating that the file has been locked and cannot be viewed until the specified date. This is similar to the From and Until function in our Assignment Due Dates.