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Qwickly on Blackboard

EdTechElizabeth Rodrigue

Qwickly is a free program offered on Blackboard's home screen for teachers. It's a quick and easy way for teachers to manage their classes by setting course availability, posting announcements, and sending emails collectively. Teachers can toggle course availability to their students with just the click of an on-off button. The posting announcement portion of Qwickly allows teachers to type an announcement and click which courses to send it to automatically all at once. Sending emails has never been simpler because Qwickly allows teachers to type up an email and mass send it to all of their students or only a select few with just the click of a button.

The Qwickly company offers four different products: Qwickly Platform, Qwickly+, Qwickly+Cloud, and Qwickly Attendance. If you would like more information about Qwickly their website is: