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In The Studio: Day of Overcomer's

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day of overcomers
day of overcomers

In The Studio: We produced a video for The Parent Help Center. Two motivational speakers were filmed in the studio today. The final video will be shown at local high schools. More information about this event is available from the Times Union article. One of the speakers, Erik Weihenmayer climbed Mount Everest despite losing his sight when he was 13.

(Left) We were thankful for the studio audience this morning. (Center) Michael Smith demonstrates why you can't wear green in front of a green screen on set. (Right) Our producer, Robin Herriff and speaker Erik Weihenmayer pose for a photo.

Creekside High School Tour

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IMG_5364---Version-2 Creekside High School students from a digital media class took a trip to the studio today. The students learned briefly about what we do here and then had the full experience of producing a live show.  Check out photos of the event below.


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Video: What's New in Blackboard

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[vimeo 79898870 w=498&h=281] During this previously recorded broadcast, Rusty Gardner and Andrea White, a certified Blackboard trainer, highlight a few of the new features available in the upgraded version of Blackboard.

Blackboard will be upgraded on December 20th, 2013, but we would like to give you access to our Blackboard testing site immediately. This testing area includes a copy of your current Blackboard courses so you can preview the changes. Please use this site to try out the new features and familiarize yourself with the new interface.

Click here for directions on how to access the Blackboard test site.

Video: Student Lingo Live Stream with Steve Piscitelli

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[vimeo 77241136 w=500&h=280] During this previously recorded webcast, Steve Piscitelli  explained and demonstrated the resources available from

Student Lingo is a series of interactive on-demand student success workshops. These brief to-the-point videos address five critical categories for student and life success:

· Academic and Career Exploration · Learning to Learn · Reading and Writing Strategies · Personal Management · Online Learning

Click here to send a message to Steve Piscitelli.

Click here to download the 3 PDF files mentioned during this event.