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The First Day of Spring Semester

Becky Hudson

January 8, 2018- Today is the day: The first day of spring semester is in full swing! Your hard work to prepare for the semester will pay off todaY. The scheduling and planning that is required to get your courses ready has undoubtedly left your office looking a little disheveled. We understand! With deadlines to meet and multiple syllabi to write, who has time to clean?

Coincidently, not only is today the first day of spring semester, it is also National Clean Off Your Desk Day! This national "holiday" is observed on the second Monday of January and just so happens to land on the opening of this semester. It is a reminder that while starting this New Year, and new semester, we should take the time to get organized. Cleaning out some of the papers from last semester will make it easier to store and find paperwork needed for the current semester. If desk clutter is not an issue for you, maybe take some time and clean out your email inbox, organize the folders on your laptop or hard drive, and go ahead and delete some of the older voicemails that are no longer needed. Starting off organized will help you to keep going throughout the semester.

Apple has already started to help its users be organized by launching the new “Files” app on the iOS 11 update. This app allows you to view all your stored files across multiple devices, in one area. You can view your iCloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox OneDrive, and more, all in one place. Organization is essential to having a productive semester.

We understand that there is much to do today, and most likely you will have your hands full the entire day. Adding yet another task may seem a bit overwhelming, but have no fear.!Not only is today the first day of spring semester, or National Clean Off Your Desk Day, but today is also National Bubble Bath Day. So, keep in mind that through all the multiple tasks that you have set for yourself today, you can end the day in a hot bubble bath and celebrate your new burst of productivity.

We hope that you have a great First Day of Spring Semester, a happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day and a relaxing National Bubble Bath Day!