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TurnItIn in Canvas - Training Videos

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Using Turnitin in Canvas

Videos for Instructors:

How to read an originality report

How to Provide Feedback to Students

How to create a Turnitin assignment in Canvas                              


Videos for Students:

How to submit a Turnitin Assignment, view originality reports, and instructor feedback


FCSJ Turnitin PeerMark

Videos for Instructors:

How to create a PeerMark assignment in Canvas

How to view your students’ reviews                                        


Videos for Students:

How to conduct a peer review in PeerMark


Troubleshooting tips:

I have noticed that on occasion, people may not be able to view the videos at high resolution at first (you can check this by clicking on the gear sign in lower right of video screen - default shows up as 360p).  This is apparently a known issue that crops up when viewing videos stored on a google drive.  The solution is to clear cache and cookies, refresh the page, then play the video again.  When you click on the gear sign now, it should give you viewing quality choices.

If it still looks grainy even when quality is set to 1080p, fast forward a bit using the sliding bar.  This refreshes the video itself.  Scroll back to the beginning and then it should then play at the highest resolution.