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VoiceThread in Education

Elizabeth Rodrigue

As education enthusiasts, our team makes it our goal to find new, interesting, and helpful technology for use in education. The most recent tool we have discovered is VoiceThread, which allows you to create slideshows of pictures, videos, articles, and audio recordings using resources on your computer, URLs, or the database of resources provided by them. Once they are set to view, users can make comments, draw pictures, or record voice memos. You can see a sample of this process in the screen sample below. 


To begin, visit to set up an account. Those who have a free account can access the preexisting library of VoiceThreads, but cannot create their own. With a paid account, you can create your own files and slideshows!  All VoiceThreads that you create, follow, or that are shared with you can be found on your homepage. There is a search bar and drop down box with options to help you organize your VoiceThreads by date, title, or shared/owned. The content that can be made into a VoiceThread is endless; with options such as animals, math, science, literature, or historical figures.

In addition to sharing of VoiceThreads, there is also the option to browse a library of already existing VoiceThreads for use as a reference or attend free instructional workshops on the website that teach basic to advanced technique in using VoiceThread. 

Your VoiceThreads can also be integrated into your favorite learning management system (Blackboard!),  

Overall, VoiceThread technology is a helpful, easy-to-use tool for education. With a secure platform and the ability to create and share endlessly. It could make any class more interesting.