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Included in the August 1, 2019 communication.

Did you know that FSCJ has 24/7 Canvas Support?

For the first year of our transition to Canvas, faculty, staff and students can make use of Canvas’ excellent support. There are multiple ways to contact Canvas.

Start a Live Chat:

To chat with a Canvas representative who can answer questions on course setup and tools within Canvas:

1. Select the ? on the Canvas Global Navigation menu.
2. Select “Canvas Support Live Chat for Faculty.”
3. Select “Start Chat.”
4. Type your question to a Canvas representative.

Call Canvas Support:

(904) 431-7528 to chat with a Canvas representative.

Included in the August 8, 2019 communication.

Did you know you can organize your Canvas Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log into Canvas and it defaults to the course card view. The Dashboard displays course cards for all your “favorite” courses indicated by a star icon. You can keep your Dashboard organized by selecting which course cards you wish to display.

To add or remove a course from your Dashboard:

Select the “Courses” link from your Global Navigation menu, then “All Courses”. 

To remove a course card from your Dashboard, select the colored star next to the course you wish to remove from your Dashboard. The star will turn black, indicating the course has been removed from your Dashboard.

To add a course card to your Dashboard, select a blank star. The star will turn a color, indicating that the course has been added to your Dashboard.

*Note: all changes will be saved automatically.

Included in August 15, 2019 communication.

Did you know you can change your course Home Page?

The Course Home Page is associated with the “Home” link in Course Navigation and is the first page seen for each course. The Home Page can have one of five different layouts:

  • Recent Activity Dashboard

  • Pages (Front Page)

  • Course Modules

  • Assignment Index

  • Syllabus

To change your course Home page:

1. Select your course from your Canvas Dashboard.
2. In the Home Page sidebar, select the “Choose Home Page” button.
3. Select the radio button next to the Home Page layout you prefer.
4. Select the “Save” button.

Learn more about changing your Home Page here:

Included in August 22, 2019 communication.

Did you know you need to publish your course, as well as each content/module?

When you are ready for your students to have access to your course, you will need to be sure to publish the course. Additionally, content items and modules also need to be published. If you’re still working on certain areas of your course - thats ok! Simply leave those items ‘unpublished’.

Want to allow students early access to a course? 

By default, a course’s start date will be the date the term begins, which comes over from PeopleSoft.If you want your students to have access outside of those dates, you’ll need to adjust the dates within the course’s Settings. There, you can provide students access to the course prior to the term start date – as well as extending the date the course remains open at the end of the term. *Remember, the course still needs to be published to be visible.

*The most frequent Support ticket received during the first week of class is related to unpublished courses.