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Frequently Asked Questions

> Where can I find more information and additional resources on Canvas?

Canvas Guides provide role-specific information for admins, instructors, students, and observers.

> When will courses be taught in Canvas?

Courses will be offered in both Canvas and Blackboard during the Summer 2019 term! While the summer term will be open for our "Early Adopters" to get in first and offer courses in Canvas if they are interested, all instructors should plan to begin teaching in Canvas in Fall 2019.

> What kind of technical support can our faculty, staff and students expect during the transition?

The College has purchased the an extra level of support from Canvas during our first year's use of the new system. 24/7, Tier 1 support will be available from Canvas, in addition to FSCJ’s current ways to obtain technical support. A dedicated student line, as well as fa faculty line, and chat option will be available from Canvas' support. This can be found in the Help icon of the Canvas interface. Users can submit a Technical Help Desk ticket at, visit a Faculty Development Specialist on each campus, or email for assistance.

> How will students know which platform their course will be taught in during the Summer 2019 term?

The Educational Technology team will assist instructors with verbiage to place in their Blackboard or Canvas course shell to assist students in confirming they are in the live course.

> How and when should faculty migrate Blackboard content over to Canvas?

On January 4, 2019, users were provided access to Canvas through myFSCJ. Within their Canvas Dashboard, instructors have a personal sandbox course they can use to learn the ins and outs of the Canvas LMS. It can be used for experimental purposes, as well as to build or migrate new courses from Blackboard.

For details on migration, please view the Course Migration guide that is avialable within the Canvas Dashboard.

> What are Modules and how do I use them to structure my course?

Modules are the foundational structural component of Canvas. Modules organize your content and provide navigation for students moving through the Course. You can organize modules by weeks, topics, units or any other organization structure.

You can review this Canvas Guide that will go on to answer, "What are Modules?"

> What Types of File Storage Exist in Canvas?

Institutional Storage Limit – 19 TB
Collegewide file storage limit within Canvas. Anything that is uploaded into FSCJ’s Canvas instance counts towards this limit.

Course Storage Limit – 500 MB
Files uploaded into each individual course. Assignment submissions do not count towards this limit.

Individual User Storage Limit – 50 MB
Files uploaded into your personal file storage area, ungraded assignments (for example, drafts), ungraded discussions, and “Conversations” (Inbox/Email).

> What will be done to ensure a smooth transition to Canvas

Although there is no such thing as a perfect transition of this size, planning has been done to ensure there is enough time and resources available to transition with the best results possible. There will continue to be collaboration between IT, Education Technology, Faculty Senate, Academic Technology Committee, Professional Development, and Administration to get feedback, input, testing, training and communication throughout the process.

Additionally, the Educational Technology team has put together a Canvas Transition Team consisting of many stakeholders to be available when assistance is needed throughout the migration.

> What accessibility tools are available within Canvas?

Information about Canvas' accessibility features can be found here: