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Academic Technology

About the Educational Technology team

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The mission of the FSCJ Educational Technology team is to discover, share and implement technology in higher education focusing on pedagogical objectives and outcomes with a learner-centered approach.

Values & Goals

  • Ensure the equality of technological access to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Support student learning through the use of technology, including but not limited to audio/video, desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet devices, and educational related hardware and software solutions.
  • Partner with faculty to further develop teaching methods that make use of technology to enhance student learning.
  • Explore emerging technologies to support academic objectives and assist in key educational technology decisions.
  • Support students and faculty use of technology through training, tutorials, troubleshooting, and support services.

The synthesis of the above mentioned mission and responsibilities serve to facilitate an approach to the following projects:

Communications and College-wide Presence

  • Continue to create and present “In Focus” Newsletters
  • Multi-campus visits, including Service Now LIVE: Tech Tours
  • Building campus relationships to help advise on best practices
  • Research and develop emerging technologies
  • Pre-conference workshops and participation at the FSCJ International Conference on College Teaching and Learning
  • Regular segments on local show, The Chat to review, describe and encourage everyday technology use

Knowledge Transfer

  • Work alongside Client Services to assist to create and edit Knowledge Base articles
  • Support faculty with the Online Syllabus Builder
  • LMS best practices and integration with other initiatives
  • Office 365 and other educational productivity software
  • Mobile technologies 
  • Enterprise Services
  • Engagement in numerous college committees to foster relationships and share information between departments

IT Specific Projects

  • OAA – working with Chris Martin’s team to project manage the creation of the College online application.

Academic Pilot Projects

  • Issac Brown – Converged Communications
  • Jeff Smith – Dental Program (Working towards a sustainability model)
  • iPad Pro – Digital Media Arts

Faculty Driven Tech Initiatives

  • Escapologist
  • Gamification

External Engagements

  • SACUBU – Poster session using academic technologies level playing field and increase retention
  • ICCTL – Intro workshop to using Business Analysis methodologies and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle/Agile) to help project requestors understand the process
  • NMC – New Media Consortium – Submitted proposal to present
  • Currently working on developing proposals to present at:
    League for Innovation in the Community College: Learning Summit