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Canvas Quickstart Guide

This guide will quickly walk you through some of the most common tasks you may need to know as you being using our new LMS.


Storage Quotas, Upload Quotas, and Supported File Formats

Canvas has four levels of storage, dependent on where an item is stored when uploaded into the system. The following charts will provide clarity on the maximum size allocated within each level, the maximum size a file may be when adding or uploading within specific areas of the Canvas system, and what file formats are supported.


Guide to Customizing Canvas Notifications

Take a look at this document to learn more about how to customize your Canvas notifications to ensure that you are receiving timely messages about common course activities to your email(s), phone, or mobile device.


Canvas Accessibility - Distributing Time Exemptions and Extra Attempts

Read through this document to find how to give your students time exemptions for quizzes for accessibility needs. This document also assists in guiding you through on how to distribute extra attempts for students.


Canvas User Guides

The Canvas community makes it easy to find the content you're looking for in the Guides. Select your role below for more information.


Additional Canvas Resources

Coming soon…

If there’s something you feel is missing - please let us know and we’ll create it!